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I’m Back!!!!

Posted in Administration, Adventure Log on January 3, 2009 by dahras

I am finally playing WAR again, for real this time. Yes, the WoW monster still swollows me from time to time, but I am playing WAR on a regular schedule again. I am having so much more fun now that my performance has increased, and I am currently trying out a ton of new classes to see which I like the most! I was thinking of going back to my Engi, but I just couldn’t. I wanted to start fresh, The good news is that I have had more fun than ever before, and the game is going great for me! I’ll be posting new stuff soon!


The Call

Posted in Adventure Log, Observations on November 12, 2008 by dahras

confusedSo… hard… to resist… addiction!

Its WoW. Its calling, with all of its WotLK goodness. I have to go back, even though i know in my heart of hearts that it will end up being the same. I guess its because I’m in a leveling rut. You see, my character is 18 (don’t laugh, I’m a really slow leveler) and I am done with all of Dwarf chapter 9 and I just want to move on and be 20, or 40 for that matter. I’m sooooooo close, but I just can’t put myself over.

This happened to me in WoW on my first character that I seriously tried to get to the cap on the Alliance. I had a 60 horde undead mage that I leveled really fast, but I did it soley in instances and with friends that played at the same time every night. You see, I had really never leveled alone before. On my mage I was trying new things because I had always been a healer, but I was still in a static group, so I didn’t get a feel for soloing. I had been an Empathy/Dark hero in CoH and Monk in GW and had mostly been tied to a group the whole time. Soloing with my priest was painful. I got to 52, 6 levels from Burning Crusade, with its condensed leveling paths, and less travel, and stopped. I couldn’t do it. I spent 6 months at 52, and played barely any WoW. I’m not a fan of alts, so when my main got boring, I couldn’t play.

Then, I got off of school for week and decided to try WoW again just to see how I’d like it. At first my friends thought it was just another pass through, that I wouldn’t play very much. Then I dinged 53, and they joked about how it would be 10 years before i dinged 70 at the rate I was going. They couldn’t know how wrong they were. I dinged 70 on Saturday at 2 in the morning. It just all clicked. I started leveling at breakneck speed, and the game was fun again. That lasted for a month, and then I hit another doldrum, but that ended when we started raiding Kara as a guild. I was the Main Heal and I had some of my best MMO time for 4 months.

Then it stopped. We didn’t have enough people to get into a 25 man raid. We had cleared and gotten everything from Karazan and Zul’Aman. We didn’t want to join other people’s raids because they were too strict. Somehow we always were able to party and raid at the same time, while progressing. I tried leveling an alt to 70, and suceeded, but that was it. WoW was over for me.

So now I’m in the same position with WAR. I know I like the game, but I’m in a duldrum. I know that at some point, epiphany will strike and I’ll rank to 40 in all of 2 weeks, but I the wait is killing me. Everytime I log on I just feel bored, not because of the game but because of my mood. Oh yeah, and now there is competition. WotLK is calling, not just because its ‘new’ but because it will allow my small, tight-nit guild to progress in raiding the way we wanted to in BC. Its all so confusing to me, but I know I’ll get through. What I am most happy about, though, is that I’m excited with MMO’s again. I know the cinics are raining from the sky like its monsoon season, saying that “MMO’s have jumped the shark” for them, but I’m content. Competion is good.

The Solo Dungeon

Posted in Adventure Log, Design Thoughts, Observations on October 23, 2008 by dahras

I recently did the quest Bitter Blood (yes T2, i know, I’m REALLY behind), where you scale a vampire tower, in the throes of a battle, so you can destroy the vampire’s phylactery. I love the way the quest develops the story and builds to the climax of climbing the tower, which amounts to a single player dungeon. The only part of the quest that I didn’t like was the single player dungeon. This dislike made me really analyze what makes dungeons fun.

When people are asked what makes dungeons fun, they often respond that interesting boss fights, unique settings, and carefully tuned challenge make dungeons enjoyable, and they do. Unfortunately, though, these answers completely miss the underlying question: what makes dungeons fun, that is not specific to any one dungeon.

It is my opinion that it is the experience of being in a team, and completing a task as a coordinated team that makes dungeons fun. Think about it, when people quit raiding, whats their usual complaint? Its that the drama was too much for them. The people were too vicious to allow a fun time. This is why I think that solo or 2 man dungeons would not be fun at all, the team aspect just isn’t there.

When I was climbing the vampire tower, I realized this. Even though I was getting a normal dungeon experience (tricky trash mobs, slightly more tough mini-bosses, and a multi-stage end boss), the fact that it was all me stopped me from having as much fun as i could have. The quest was well designed, and written, but the solo aspect let me down.

Landmines and the Power of Image

Posted in Adventure Log, Design Thoughts on October 19, 2008 by dahras

I just got my landmine and I love it. I know a lot of people have said this but landmine is awesome. I just love how cool the ability looks, how intuitive the effect is, and the fear that it inspires in the enemy. The interesting thing that I have noticed noticed about the landmine, though, is that it is much more feared and thus effective than demonic infestation it is. I bet you are wondering what demonic infestation is now, so I’ll tell you. Its the Magus landmine. Yep, I know its a shock, it shocked me too, I didn’t know what those stupid nurglings were for 15 levels, and I’m an engineer!

You see, this is why art matters. Landmine works because people see the bomb and think, “Oh no! Its a bomb! When I get near it will stun me!”. They proceed to try to work around the mine while getting shot by the engineer. You see, fear is half the effect of landmine; people just don’t walk into landmines. On the other hand, most people run into demonic infestation with no idea of its effect.

I’m not sure people would respect the infestation as much as they respect landmine, even if they knew its effect. There just isn’t the same visceral reaction to a cute, chubby nurgling as there is too a bomb. If they made the demonic infestation as intimidating as the landmine is, I bet it would be much more effective than it is. Maybe it could be a mini monolith! I know that would scare me, especially if it had glowing demonic faces on its sides.