Lessons Learned

Ahhhh PvP. How i loathed you. In every game I played you were a small, insignificant, and incredibly annoying aspect of the game. That was why I was worried when I heard that WAR was going to be an RvR game. You see i heard that RvR was a way of hiding the ugly PvP underbelly. I played anyways, mostly because I was a Warhammer nut. Now, though, I have had a change of heart. PvP can be fun, it just needs to be introduced right.

You see, I always hated WoW PvP because I was really, really (REALLY!!) bad at it. I mean terrible. Just awful. That was probably because I PvP’ed for the first time once I was 70. Yep, that didn’t turn out well. I hadn’t learned my class’s PvP capabilities, or even the basic laws of PvP, for that matter. In short, I was a Noob. After that I avoided PvP like the plague.

What WAR has taught me is that there are a few immutable laws in PvP.

1. Moving is good, very good.

2. Stopping the enemies ability to move is very good, very very good.

3. Being able to act quickly is good.

4. Being able to stop the enemy from acting is very good.

5. Being able to stop the enemy from moving AND acting is epic.

Having learned these laws, I have started learning the rules for my class and really feel that I have started to get a hang of this new-fangled PvP thing-a-ma-bob. Without WAR introducing me to PvP at a low level where most people are also learning, I think I would still be in the dark ages, joyously burning the pro-PvP heratics alive.


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