Landmines and the Power of Image

I just got my landmine and I love it. I know a lot of people have said this but landmine is awesome. I just love how cool the ability looks, how intuitive the effect is, and the fear that it inspires in the enemy. The interesting thing that I have noticed noticed about the landmine, though, is that it is much more feared and thus effective than demonic infestation it is. I bet you are wondering what demonic infestation is now, so I’ll tell you. Its the Magus landmine. Yep, I know its a shock, it shocked me too, I didn’t know what those stupid nurglings were for 15 levels, and I’m an engineer!

You see, this is why art matters. Landmine works because people see the bomb and think, “Oh no! Its a bomb! When I get near it will stun me!”. They proceed to try to work around the mine while getting shot by the engineer. You see, fear is half the effect of landmine; people just don’t walk into landmines. On the other hand, most people run into demonic infestation with no idea of its effect.

I’m not sure people would respect the infestation as much as they respect landmine, even if they knew its effect. There just isn’t the same visceral reaction to a cute, chubby nurgling as there is too a bomb. If they made the demonic infestation as intimidating as the landmine is, I bet it would be much more effective than it is. Maybe it could be a mini monolith! I know that would scare me, especially if it had glowing demonic faces on its sides.


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